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If you’re involved with or provide healthcare,

and you pick up just one book this year

 . . . this is the one!


     HEALTHCAREPRENEURS is guaranteed to provide what you need to continue to build (or help REbuild) your career, your practice, your department. You get the steps to grow the independent or organization-based, private or group practice or department you work with –now, in 2018 — ahead of the gathering healthcare storm.

     You get the benefit of 40 years of proven healthcare organization, practice, and healthcarepreneur development, coaching, counseling and consulting.

     You get undetectable stress management tech- niques that work all the time for every age and physical condition… for yourself, your family, your staff, and to quickly and easily teach to patients and patient families.

You get informed, detailed input on:

  • How to appear in court, in your community, at organization meetings and events.

  • How to save more time and money. 

  • How to more effectively communicate and deal with pushy detail reps, stuffy fund-raisers, patients, staff, organization administrators.

  • How to eliminate high-priced/ineffective marketing and consulting services/programs.

  • How to simplify difficult career and personal situations, turn 24/7 on-call challenges into opportunities.


Hal Alpiar, MBA (Management) and MA-E (Human Development), is Consultant/Author of the best-selling book for doctors: DOCTOR BUSINESSHow to Boost Practice Growth and Strengthen Long-Term Relationships. He’s the national book award-winning author of DOCTOR SHOPPINGHow to Choose the Right Doctor for You and Your Family, plus six other books. Hal is Co-founder of Bio-Motion of America 3D Motion Analysis for PT; he was Founding President of e-Healthcare Ventures and Co-Founding Director of the Pennsylvania Heart Institute. He served 5 years on the Public Affairs Team of the National Committee for Quality Healthcare, plus two 2-year terms on the SBA Advisory Council. Hal managed practice development programs for over 500 healthcare entities nationwide.


     Learn new ways to strengthen your reputation and relationships, deal more effectively with anger and compulsiveness, with dwelling on the past/worrying about the future… and be able to teach this to others.

     You get hard-nosed firsthand examples of both leading and losing healthcare businesses.

     HEALTHCAREPRENEURS forms the backbone of these straightforward, sleeves-rolled-up, “Your own personal coach whispering over your shoulder” pages. This is the one book you’ll take to the bathroom, the bedroom, the backyard, and breakfast.

     You’ll gain a new or renewed sense of enlightened self-interest techniques, strategies, and applications for achiev-ing and exceeding your personal (practice or department) professional, and private personal goals. And all of it is wrapped in ongoing humorous stories and comments.



This book spells out the paths and steps to take, the words to use and “pictures to paint,” and how to make a genuine difference for your SELF, for those you live and work with, and –of course– for the patient populations you serve.


Who this book is for…


HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS WITH PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDES WHO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Physicians, PAs and Veterinarians (Traditional Medical and surgical; generalists) and credentialed healthcare provider specialists of every description including: physical and behavioral; Holistic Providers such as Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Yoga and Fitness Directors; NPs, RNs, CNAs; Dentists and Dental Hygienists; PTs, OTs, SPs, and Behavioral Therapists; Practice and Departmental Administrators, Managers, and Front-Desk Personnel; EMTs; Hospital and Medical Center Managers and Executives; Healthcare Practice Owners, Partners, and Investors . . . Healthcarepreneurs provides the effective take-action guide you can use right now.





Instead of following all the above

links to AMAZON, if you prefer…

…to order (no extra charge) an author-signed first edition of HEALTHCAREPRENEURS direct from Hal, simply text your name and number and 2 best time options to call you to: 1.302.752.8505 for over-the-phone major charge card purchase arrangements. Your text will be responded to within 8 hours from the number shown in red at the end of this post’s sign-off below.

OR send a check payable to:, LLC. at 370 South Lowe Avenue, Ste A-148, Cookeville, TN 38501 for $21.89 (includes sales tax) per book, plus $7.20 Priority Mail total for 1-4 books to one Continental US address below = TOTAL $29.09 for one signed copy; $50.98 for 2 signed copies to same Continental US address; $72.87 for 3 signed copies to same Continental US address; $92.82 for 4 signed copies to same Continental US address.     [Bulk Mail deliveries, book-signing events and workshop programs can be arranged by email or phone to contact information shown below.]

# # #

Higher impact with Lower costs.

Business & Healthcare Development

National-Awards & Record Client Sales

Entrepreneurship & Expansion Coaching 

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Feb 17 2010




     Business people who read books are smarter by far than those who don’t. Any businesspeople. Any business. Any books. (Source: opinion, based on many years’ experience in the role of a  businessperson, as well as in the roles of author, editor, and publisher.)

     If we are to believe the technologically-heralding reports from popular and questionably-prominent online publishing industry sources that are marching (stampeding?) shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the Internet’s more narcissistic literary agents, paper books are on a suicide mission.

     It is, if you’re listening to their breathless banter, only a matter of time before libraries become mausoleums or are emptied for fireplace kindling (uh, no, wait, that would be too much air pollution, right?). 

     Has hi-tech trespassed on sacred ground? Are books as we know them truly doomed? Will  school and campus backpack industries fold? Without backpacks, will chiropractors go out of business? Will the control of human life by basic plastics industry businesses like American Express, MasterCard and Visa come to an end?

     Will the basic plasticpeople collapse in the face of the all powerful Oz … only to relinquish their control of humanity to more sophisticated plasticpeople? We shall depart from the influences of mere plastic cards to instead be controlled by a consortium of tech babies cranking out the likes of Amazon Kindles, Hearst Skiffs, and Apple iPads?

     First of all, except for the POD (Print On Demand) entrepreneurial upstarts, the  industry— not terribly unlike banking and healthcare — is at least a thousand years behind times. Publishers, editors, agents, literature professors and many writers continue to re-arrange their blankets and umbrellas as the tsunami heads for the beach.

     Many continue to sit on their hands, rocking back and forth, waiting for the new tech revolution to lift them out of their arcane library stacks and into cyberspace where they can look back over their shoulders and count the dead and dying works of fiction and nonfiction that have cornerstoned our planet since the beginning of time.

     But here’s a hefty sprinkling of reality: Paper books will not die in our lifetimes. (Source: opinion, based on many years’ experience in the role of a  businessperson, as well as … uh, did I say that before?) Books as we have always known them , may in fact increase in number and value as tech advances continue to astound even those computer gurus of the 90s.

     Because? Because with even all the books in the world catalogued into a single, lightweight, bendable, rechargeable pad you can carry inside your jacket … there is nothing like a book! And there is especially nothing like a shelf or room full of books to coax first your eyes, then your fingers, into submission. Computerized page-turning replication is not page-turning.

     And nostalgia aside, there is still nothing like being able to open two or six or ten volumes for side-by-side study … to be able to go back and forth to compare and contrast the creations and opinions and research findings in side-by-side reviews of author fantasies and expertise. And can you imagine curling up in front of a warm fire with your dog and a good electronic pad?

     Yes, there are some things, important and dramatic things, like humanness, that technology will never be able to recreate. Books can be accessed via tech readers and go into computerized reading devices. They can be formatted for online reading and downloaded on your printer as ebooks, but the humanness of books can never be replaced. I mean, imagine no “thunk” when you drop one.

Comment below or direct to Hal@BUSINESSWORKS.US Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals! God Bless You! Make it a GREAT DayGet blog emails FREE via RSS feed OR $1 mo Amazon Kindle. Gr8 Gift 4 GRANDPARENTS:

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