Jun 25 2011

Happiness Wins!

 Happiness knocks at


your door every day.


Are you inviting it in?



There comes a time when business owners and managers must turn their attentions inward. This –today, now, right this minute as you’re reading this– may be that time.

One introspection-worthy vehicle is the great new controversial and provocative book (for which referral I earn no commission and have never even been requested to hype; it’s just an outstanding work) by Rob Bell, called LOVE WINS. It’s simple, short, friendly, informative, and –I guarantee– will give you cause to pause . . . and think.

That said, I will add that love does indeed “win.” So does happiness. Love and happiness require one another’s companionship. And both constitute the journey, not the destination. Both take us to that great place that management psychologist Abraham Maslow called “self-actualization.”

It’s hard to imagine self-actualization without love and happiness. The problem of course is that very few individuals ever truly arrive at any kind of permanent self-actualized state of existence. Fewer still recognize love and happiness as the pathways to get there.

And even those who do “get it,” who do work at it, and who do value and appreciate both the means and the end, rarely practice the pursuit enough to make a difference. So where does that leave us?

In order to move ourselves forward, we must first acknowledge that the act of moving forward is in fact, all by itself, a choice . . . that we choose our behavior . . . that no one else can reach inside our brains and control our thoughts and behaviors, and that we can simply make the choice to eliminate the negatives.


We can make the choice to move, conquer, or redesign what we perceive as roadblocks in our lives, by choosing to substitute positive  and productive actions and behaviors at every turn.

For these choices to be meaningful, increased levels of consciousness are required. In other words, a more intense focus is necessary on the here-and-now present moment as much of the time as possible.



Hey, scientists tell us that we barely even use 10% of our total mental capacity. Just imagine what’s possible if you can take it to 20 or 30 or 40 %! It’s been said that if we could use 100% of our brain power, we’d be able to walk through walls because we’d be able to separate the molecules in our bodies to allow for that possibility.


Too far-fetched for you? Ah, but that’s a choice!

Perhaps you’re simply choosing to make yourself content by not having to exert yourself to accomplish the higher levels of conscious existence you know you’re capable of? Perhaps you find yourself continually backing away from the reality of it all?

Could it be that you just lack any measure of familiarity with these unexplored ways of thinking, and they seem threatening to what you are used to? Or does it seem like too much work that’s not worth it? Do you figure maybe that you’re only going to live so long anyway, so why bother? Are you concerned with others’ opinions?

If you are truly serious about wanting to be a winner and about ushering your business entrerprise to unparalleled success:


You must also be willing to accept that a happier you who gives and accepts love of others freely (and I am NOT talking about free-love sexual energy here). I’m referring to how you treat yourself and others, specifically those around you every day . . . family, friends, acquaintences, business associates, even strangers.

Q. Where will it all get you?

A. Everywhere you’ve always wanted to go


 Drive your imagination forward with reality. 

Open minds open doors.  

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“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson]

Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals. God Bless You.

Make today a GREAT day for someone! 

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Oct 07 2010


The right words


at the right time.

When you use ’em and you mean ’em 

AND you act on ’em, you got leadership!


You came here looking for something new in leadership? There’s nothing new. There are probably a thousand different management leadership theories. They all have different subtle twists and focal points, but they all say the same thing.

Jumbled together, we have Theory X, Theory Y, Theory Z, MBWA, Maslow’s Hierarchy, Weber’s Transformational Leadership, Goldman’s Trait Theory, Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership, Fiedler and Garcia’s Cognitive Resource Theory, and the works of Lewin, McClelland, Blake, Mouton, Skinner, even Carlyle in 1841 and in Plato’s Republic…plus many hundreds of others

There seem to be as many different ways of

slicing up leadership as there are followers.

Personally, I am hard-pressed to come up with any better guidelines than Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis as a practical guideline for leadership communications, Maslow’s Hierarchy, as a realistic guideline for leadership motivation , and Rudy Giuliani’s book Leadership, as an example of outstanding leadership action and conduct.   

The problem is that business owners and operators and managers keep trying to stay on top of all the latest management leadership developments, revelations, steps, methods, and approaches. A lot of time (plus energy and money) can be expended on this pursuit.

Are you constantly on the lookout for management leadership solution advice and information in business journal and news publications?

In media-based success stories?

Are you participating in one webinar and seminar and blogcast after another?

Are you taking endless courses and management leadership training programs?

Do you find yourself surfing Internet information sources instead of spending time with family?

That’s a problem? Absolutely. Not just by-passing family, which is definitely not a life-productive avenue, but the fact that too many businesspeople don’t accept these information options as the refreshers and boosters that they are. They instead view each exposure as THE answer to their dreams, as THE solution to their problems when –in fact– none of these theories are that.

It’s one thing to get reminded of leadership stuff you once knew and forgot, or to learn a new app for an old method, but to cling to some new theory with the expectation that “leadership” is now just an arm’s distance away, is evidence of a fantasyland mindset. And true leaders are grounded in reality, and focused on the here and now present..

What’s new is simply the attitude you bring to bear on your leadership responsibilities, the words and emphasis you choose to use to inspire and motivate yourself and others, and the action steps you take to deliver the goods!

If you’re thinking there’s more to it that, there’s not. You don’t need a PhD in leadership to produce consistent results. You need only to fine-tune your personal strengths. And you can only know what they are by studying yourself. Oh, and one or two semesters of BASIC YOU and ADVANCED YOU won’t cut it. Figuring you out is a DAILY, LIFETIME commitment you must make to your self.

Are you ready?

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Open  Minds  Open  Doors

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Mar 25 2010

Seeking Success? BE SELFISH!

When it all looks like


it’s crumbling down


 around you–get selfish!


     Selfish . . . as in Piggy? No . . . as in oriented toward your SELF!

     You can’t control government except at election time. You can’t control irate customers who give you fits trying to nickle and dime you at every turn. You can’t control what goes on behind your back unless you never turn your back. You can’t control a lot of people and situations in your business and personal life. But you CAN control YOU! 

     What you say and think and do is entirely your choice, and entirely under your control. (If you doubt this and are ready to shoot back examples to the contrary, examine your examples. Odds are 100 out of 100 that you made a conscious or unconscious choice to set yourself up to not have a choice, but -ALWAYS – there is or was a choice. Take advantage of how you can use that information now, today!) 


HOW you respond to someone or something that’s out of your control is within your control.


     So stop choosing to think that everyone else is pushing your button. No one can reach inside your brain and control how you think.

     The great motivational theory and studies psychologist Abraham Maslow focused his attention on the path and process of self-actualization. In addition to using their own intellects and talents, Maslow said that self-actualizing people take responsibility for others as well as themselves and (according to James and Jongeward in their classic book, Born To Win), “have a childlike capacity for awareness and pleasure.”

     The authors proceed to note that “these individuals customarily have some mission in life, some task to fulfill, some problem outside themselves which enlists much of their energies … they work within a framework of values that are broad and not petty, universal and not local, and in terms of a century rather than a moment … have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy, however stale these experiences may have become to others.”

     If you’ve let outside influences under your skin, it may be time to appreciate more what you already have in life and to take stock in whether those around you are contributing to your growth and happiness, and to the growth and success of your business — or are they detracting from it?

     Exerting your own sense of self-actualization can influence others to change negative thoughts and behaviors and directions, but — more importantly — it will serve to boost your own rockets and reinforce that you’re not such a bad “gal” or “guy” after all.

     You have enormous powers to turn things around when you decide to consistently apply your strengths to what’s in your face or on your plate. Keep outside influences outside.

     Draw instead from your own inner strength and the inner strength of your business, and from those who live inside your inner circle. Making decisions and conducting yourself from inside yourself is a better, happier, healthier choice every time.  

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“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson] 

Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals. God Bless You.

Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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