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Here’s “what’s in it” for YOU!


” What’s in it for you?”


First, if you’re not answering this question for every one of your customers and investors and supporters –every day, in everything you decide, do and say– you’re either not serious enough about your business interests to continue reading this (Thank you and goodbye!), or you’ve lost touch with reality (Hang in here for a few paragraphs and restore your awareness!). Hopefully, you practice rewarding those who keep you in business with more than they ever bargained for.

Reality Check: You only came here because you thought there was some benefit for you, right? There is. Read on.

Just in case you think I’m being too smartass, realize that none of us are open to new ways of thinking without being jostled. Some require more of a jolt than others depending on one’s state of mind at any given moment. A blog post doesn’t leave a lot of room for niceties when the subject matter revolves around boosting business results and the dynamics of attitude adjustment (and, no, I’m not talking about it being 5 o’clock somewhere!).

That leaves us with a choice between mollycoddling or being in your face. Pampering gets us nowhere. Spirited confrontation without physical or verbal abuse consequences, though, is not always bad. If we respect one another, we can disagree and still respect and learn from one another.

Okay, let’s get to the part about what you get for reading this far. Here–for you to chew on and digest– is some new revelation food for your business brain that I guarantee you will make a positive difference in moving you rapidly closer to your deepest personal goals in life . . . the tasks you want to achieve to make a difference on Earth:

1) There is no such thing as time management.

2) There is no such thing as stress management.


You can manage what you do, but if you’ve learned how to manage time, call me; we can make a fortune together! You can manage how you respond to stressful situations, but if you can manage stress sources, call me; again, we can make a fortune together. Oh, and on either of these pursuits, yes, you may need me. Yes, if you want to call me on that point (my number is below), I’ll be happy to explain.

Here’s the bottom line: You cannot manage time or stress, but you can manage how you choose to deal with time and stress restraints. When you choose to consciously control the ways you behave so that you respond to stress instead of react to it, you will be be happier and healthier and be far better at growing your business. You will be getting more done in less time.You will be choosing to make the most of the time you have left on Earth.

Personal productivity comes from being constantly aware that all behavior is a choice and that you can just as easily choose to make your self more in control of internal and external stressful sources an easy thing to do as you can choose (or continue to choose) to make it a hard thing to do. Be aware that consistently choosing these key ingredients of self-control and self-confidence cannot solve all problems because we are all sometime-victims of bad choices/decisions we intentionally or inadvertently chose in the past. When that happens, don’t compound your struggles by throwing CHOICE out the window. Buckle down instead and restart your meter!

SUCCESS is what’s in it for you, and you will get there by choosing to be in control of how you respond to stress and by choosing how you can best use the time you have available . . . remembering, of course, that SUCCESS is the journey not the destination, and that all of life is an interruption!

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Sep 26 2009


Are You Ahead Of Your Time?


     As a fledgling  and occasionally sarcastic business professor in 1974, I made two predictions to my marketing students:

1)  The day will come when  some opportunistic HBA (Health & Beauty Aids) company (aren’t they all?) posing as a pharmaceutical firm (don’t they all?) will launch a big new product splash into the marketplace, announcing the revolutionary new “BEHIND THE KNEES DEODORANT AND ANTI-PERSPIRANT” for those embarrassing odors associated with leg draping over the edge of a seat while sitting (imagine the booming market for drivers!). Okay, hasn’t happened yet, but — as they say at the NY Lottery — “Hey! Ya’Neva know!”

2)  The day will also come when  we will all have microchips  (which only barely existed then and, those that did, probably held 10 pages worth and were maybe the size of a half-dollar) embedded in our foreheads  that will allow us to tune-in to any TV or radio station, play any album (33’s and 8-tracks at that time) and call or answer any call — without a phone — by simply thinking of the person or organization we wanted contact with. Uh, this too hasn’t yet happened … yet … but …

     Truth is  that if you’re thinking about stuff like this, I hope you are either an independently wealthy entrepreneur, a scientist being paid to drum up challenges for some corporate R&D department, or a sicko mental case.

     Being ahead of your time  is a waste of time. It is also like a tip-toe through Disneyland because it is mega-fantasy … because it is not here, now; so it is not reality.

     Excursions into fantasyland  can occasionally be helpful — as in underscoring a point with a class full of marketing students. But if you’re running a business, run the business!

     The farther you drift  away from what’s right in front of your face on a day-to-day basis, the farther your bottom line will drift away. And with today’s econ… got the drift?

     Pay attention to  the customer, the employee, the referrer, the supplier who is looking at you, speaking with you, emailing you, Twittering you right this minute! Success is the journey, not the destination! 

     Don’t stop dreaming,  just save it for when you go to bed!

# # # or comment below. Thanks for visiting. 

Go for your goals, good night and God bless you!

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