Jun 11 2013

Fired? Laid Off? Graduating?

Fired? Laid Off? Graduating?


It’s All The Same Thing:




“Huh? How can being fired compare to graduating?”

Both set the stage for life change.

“But one is negative and one is positive.”

Yup! Congratulations!

“You can’t be serious.”

Why not? Both situations put great opportunities in your hands. You are finally in complete control of your own destiny. And whatever you decide is 100% your choice!


If you’ve ever dreamed of making your mark on this planet, these are the kinds of circumstances (being fired, being laid off, graduating) that can open the door for you. None of them is problematic unless you choose for it to be.

Some of the world’s greatest success stories have come from those who are in, or returning from, the depths of trauma. Great riches historically land on the shoulders of those who decide in favor of moving forward with themselves instead of choosing to dwell on or wallow in the circumstances that led them into darkness.

Strength of character comes from inside you. And it has more to do with what you decide to do with your life than from outside influences telling you what’s best. No one else can ever know more about you than you know about you. So don’t rely on the judgments of others to make up your mind about what’s best for your present and future.

In sports, when someone screws up, teammates yell: “Shake it off!” because the game continues. And standing around feeling miserable about letting down your team accomplishes nothing except perhaps serves to prompt another screw-up and compound the first incident even further. It’s no different in careers or business or life.

Aaaah, and there is also of course a divine presence that deserves mention here as well because –if you believe in a supreme being– surely every major shift in life status represents the chance to re-examine and re-explore whether the ways you are moving are indeed forward, sideways or backwards . . . and this relates to attitude, not career status.

Do the steps you take today serve the best purposes of your own ambitions? Do they serve or lead you to better serve others? Are you taking steps? Any steps? What’s the roadblock? Have you convinced yourself that any steps are too difficult right now? When will that change? Can you simply choose to change it now? Are you choosing to be resistant?

More often than not, forward progress gets stalled when we get ourselves caught up in our own self-sorrow. The world keeps turning. The clock keeps ticking. Your heart keeps beating. Don’t choose to waste your precious time on earth feeling sorry for yourself. A friend of mine once admonished: “There’s plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead!”

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