Jan 02 2012

Creating Business Team Chemistry

 Great leadership


 is not always transparent!


Every winning sports and business team has a sparkplug — THE one most enthusiastic, energetic, pumped-up, mover and shaker who ignites her or his teammates and gets them focused on achievement. 

Combined with what most of us might designate as leadership qualities… trust, authenticity, integrity, empathy, compassion, active listening, speaking clearly, sense of humor, teaching by example, et al…the single sparkplug ingredient, the piece that brings it all together, comes quietly from inside… and is not always transparent. 

Sparkpluggyness  is not tangible, obvious, or even evident in many cases. It is a fire-in-the-belly sense of desire and mission. True leaders exude it, and usually without ever even noticing or acknowledging it. It’s something that “just happens” as many have shared along their career paths.

So how does one begin to cultivate and nurture the characteristics that lead to rewarding practices of inside leadership? Do boosters work? Energy drinks? Coffee? Drugs? Ginseng?

One might best begin with a large dose of self-esteem, let that percolate into self-confidence, add a dash of deep breathing, proper exercise, enough rest, nutritional foods (and obviously eliminate addictive tobacco and alcohol products along the way), and work at mastering the ways of dealing best with your own stress.

Try whatever comes along until you find the one thing that best works for you. Is it jogging? Lifting? Yoga? Massage therapy? Playing with a pet? Pursuing a hobby? Swimming? Gardening? Painting? The answer is different for every single person. But you’ll never discover what’s best for you if you aren’t continually experimenting.   

This is all about getting in touch with your inner self and firing up that furnace. If YOU don’t know what makes you tick, you’ll never be able to know how to best figure out what makes other people tick, and how to best deal with them to get them motivated.

Even Maslow’s Theory of Motivation relies one-hundred percent on a manager’s ability to “size up” others to be able to best reward them at a level that’s most meaningful to THEM. If you give me a plaque when I most want a more impressive title, you’re wasting my interest and sense of teamwork. You will not gain my commitment.

This little piece of leadership need not be for public consumption: The more you know about what makes YOU go, the closer you are to understanding and motivating others, and the more you can succeed at getting others to achieve, the better a leader you become and the more you will accomplish, transparently or otherwise.


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Oct 04 2009

LEADERSHIP Part II of II – A Surprise Source

Still Think You’re A Leader?


     Last night  we stepped back from the daily realities of running a business to examine some of the attributes of leadership and facing the reality that being “The Boss” and being “A Leader” may not always be one in the same. WOW! If, in fact, you got that far with the thinking, congratulations!

     Reality is  that we all accept leadership as a special quality. Most everyone would probably agree that a leader needs to have vision, knowledge, courage, integrity, discipline, judgment, and all the hackneyed, overblown qualities that earmark presidents and prime ministers and generals and admirals and corporate CEOs (well, okay, some corporate CEOs).

     But how often  do we hear

        about the need for “Tact” and  

         “Knowledge of psychology”? 


     A leader who possesses “force,”  who has tenacity of purpose, an inner “self-starter” drive, a personal magnetism, is rarely considered a person of “tact,” yet “rudeness” is not the definitive issue here; tact is what cushions the force of leadership upon reluctant minds… tact toward both seniors and juniors!

     The true leader  must have an insight into human nature. He or she must be a practical psychologist and must know and understand others. She or he cannot influence people without a deep understanding of what makes others “tick” and what motivates them, and how.

     We have addressed this  a number of times here, that the only way to truly understand and appreciate what makes other behave as they do is to first understand what makes ourselves behave the ways that we do.

Learning what makes you tick  will open the floodgates to figuring out others, and it is that which holds the magic key to superior leadership skills and practices.


     So where did all these words of wisdom come from? Yes, I have taught semester-long courses and untold training programs on the subject, but guess where tonight’s and last night’s LEADERSHIP material originated?

     If you said  the U.S. Army during World War II, you would be correct! There’s nothing new here. It’s all about being motivated and dedicated to assuming the responsibility for leading others, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 1941 or 2009.

The fact remains that ongoing self-discovery births and facilitates the best of corporate, organizational, political, and military leadership in every instance. Are you really doing all you can to lead your organization (even if it’s just a staff of one!) to successful performances?      

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