Feb 11 2010


You have all the


ingredients, but 


it depends on how 


you bake the cake!

[…and you KNOW what happens if you put the egg in at the wrong time!]       

      Okay, so you came here expecting maybe a magic sales solution to make up for not getting a government bailout? Well, maybe you guessed right. Maybe this is the blog post that will change your life…the one that will make a difference in your future by holding your head still for three minutes and getting you to focus on the present.

     First, recognize that if you’re a salesperson, you are an entrepreneur. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a salesperson. The two functions and categories are not mutually exclusive. Consequently, Voila!

Salespreneurship is You!

     What does all this mean?

A) You cannot abandon the management and administrative tasks of running your sales rep business. Why? Because customer lead generation, product and service knowledge, customer communication and presentation skills (especially active listening) , closing skills, and building a strong enough relationship to generate repeat sales will all mean nothing.

Without accurate, attentive data entry and paperwork follow-through with every encounter, you are investing in disaster!

B) Likewise, you cannot dismiss the critical responsibilities of salesmanship and selling just because you’re a free-spirit entrepreneur flying from project to project. Why? Because without sales and a properly-performed sales function, there is no business ship to captain.

     So your job #1 mission is to accept that sales and entrepreneurship are joined at the hip. Your job #2 mission calls for acknowledgement of goals (like knowing where the finish line is in a race) and then abandonment of that acknowledgement! 

“If you dwell on the finish line while you’re running the race,

you’ll trip yourself up and fall on your face!”


     True success in selling and in entrepreneuring comes with being able to focus on the here-and-now present moment every passing moment of every passing day as much as possible. You’ll never do it 100%. But the farther you can push the envelope and be consistently conscious of what’s right in front of your face, the happier, healthier and more productive you’ll be…the more rewarding will be your success.

     How to do this? The #1 Solution : Go to http://bit.ly/cMoqHf and practice the 60-second exercise offered there as often as you can. The #2 Solution: When you feel yourself drifting off into events and situations and conversations older than one minute ago OR imagining something that’s more than one minute into the future (the approach to the finish line), recognize you are headed into nonproductive fantasyland, and return to Solution #1.

     Salespreneurship. Bah humbug? Sure it’s harder work than being a halfwit entrepreneur or a slipshod salesman, but remember this mindset adjustment is all a matter of choice. It’s your behavior and it’s your choice. History proves that choosing a here-and-now orientation is always a healthier, happier, more prosperous place to be.

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Sep 29 2009

Today’s BUSINESS MYTHS . . .

The Latest Business Myths

 (Not for the feisty or feint-hearted)


     MADMEN,  the award-winning TV show is (sorry folks!) NOT a true-to-life representation of big-time Madison Avenue advertising agencies in the 1960’s and ’70’s. I was there then, and in the thick of it. Yes, most people smoked cigarettes then and there, but not as rudely as depicted. Yes, politics pervaded agency meeting and presentation rooms, but not as brashly as depicted. So, the show aims to get a rise, and perhaps it does (I find it boring), but there’s hardly much truth to it. In fact, most smokers then were smoking more than cigarettes at their desks! (No, this is not a reference to the smoking of banana peels!)  

     SALES LEAD GENERATION.  This has replaced Search Engine Optimization as the business world’s biggest smoke and mirrors act! In the past week alone, I have received over 100 email and Twitter solicitations to engage the services of (Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah!) Lead Generation “Coaches,” Lead Generation “Resource Centers,” Lead Generation “Experts” and “Professionals,” Lead Generation “Counselors” (presumably to assist those poor souls who’ve generated altogether too many leads!) and all other jump-on-the-bandwagon, nutcase varieties of people who truly must be fooling themselves. With so many great sales leads to offer, would you think they have to sell so hard? I guess they just “generate” them so we can all actually use them.

     HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU!  It is really interesting the levels of desperation that legitimate business professionals choose to set themselves up to get dragged into. Have you noticed lately how the economy has created a deal on every corner? No longer just the blowtorch approach of car dealership salespeople, now we are being offered deals from all manner of retailers and service businesses, even doctors and nursing homes (whoops, sorry, long-term care facilities) are doing two-for-one deals. Right! My 96 year-old neighbor and I come as a package deal. Uh, rebates?

     STRATEGIC ALLIANCES  are all the rage. This simply means: No, there’s not enough money laying around to hire your services because the economy sucks eggs, so — instead — we’re (I’m) making this magnificent offer to you to engage your talents on behalf of our (my) interests and in exchange you’ll get a free banner on our website (that btw we need you to write for us) and we’ll even throw in “a ton of sales leads” that we generate for top clients. It’s your chance to see where your hard work can lead (oh, that word again).

     THE ECONOMY IS TURNING AROUNDYeah, like the QEII in New Jersey’s Metedeconk River. Keep on kidding yourself, and — for a touch of reality — be checking the bills in your wallet as you assure your bankers and investors that Grandma should break out the tambourines because the business world is getting ready to rise again. You go girl!    

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