Nov 13 2011


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If you’re reading this, you already know–in spite of claims by mainstream media talking heads, corporate moguls, misguided unionists, and political loudmouths– that entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurs are the catalysts of society. When small business innovates, it creates jobs. When it creates jobs, the economy flourishes.

Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you, but the backbone of entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurship, small business ownership and management, and all of what it is that each of us does every day to move our business interests and pursuits forward, is TRUST.  




We thrive on handshakes, assurances, nods of the head, genuine smiles, pats on the back, and words like , “Okay, let’s go!” and “I’ll try it.” Sure, there are times when we trust that we get stung, bitten, cut off at the knees, ripped off, swindled, clobbered and killed. Yet we feistily avoid contracts, and live to avoid lawyers.

When we accept partial commitments, and move forward, we do it in good faith, but may cringe a little depending on age, and by how much we’ve been beaten up by dishonorable associates, employees, investors, and customers.  Even when the bad outnumbers the good, we still tend to “chalk it up to experience.”

We keep going, sometimes reluctantly. Sometimes we get up from the canvas too slowly for our own good, and get hit again before we’ve regained balance. Sometimes we’re preoccupied with damage reports instead of with boosting sales.

Sometimes we forget that income doesn’t come from turning out lights and cutting corners or wallowing in self-pity over having been taken advantage of. It’s an easy trap to fall into. It’s the M.O. for corporate executives and government, which goes something like this:

  • Cover your butt.

  • Justify.

  • Analyze.

  • Don’t make waves.

  • Be P.C.

  • Don’t risk.

  • Be Green.

  • Think small.


But maybe that’s because big business and government simply don’t trust handshakes and authenticity. And they are quick to point to the losses from failed relationships. Maybe it’s because they are so heavily invested in protecting the status quo. Maybe it’s because they are controlled by disproportionate numbers of attorneys.

I’ve worked on all sides of these fences and prefer conducting business backed by the unspoken “In God We Trust” that blankets what I believe to be most entrepreneurial deals, vs. the government and big business spouting of our nation’s motto, but adhering to “In Contracts and Lawyers We Trust” as the mission that they practice.

I’ll take my lumps with God on my side rather than suffocate in legalities and paperwork required of those whose trustworthiness seems questionable. Like “The lady doth protest too much,” when I’m swarmed on by insistence for contracts, I back off. I honor my commitments and expect others to honor theirs.

Naive? I believe it’s naive to think that contracts seal a deal. I’ve lost more money and opportunities and productive relationships by having a signed contract than I have —ever— with a handshake.

So, what’s the suggestion? Blind trust? Hardly. Due Diligence must always precede a handshake. And don’t rely on some one’s social media profile or website bio. Talk with people who know or worked with the individual(s) you’re planning to work with. Talk with -people who know or worked with those people. Be a detective.

When you’re satisfied with what you learn, trust your judgement, trust in God, and pay –or get paid– in chunks.


The bottom line? Take heart. Believe in yourself. Remember you are not in business to be in court, to waste time and energy dwelling on losses, nor to make lawyers rich. If you can’t trust a handshake and recognize it will sometimes cost you, you might want to look at that cone placement job with the Roads Department.

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Jul 02 2011

The Civil War II

The Second Civil War


is coming:


Obama’s left-wing


liberal socialists


vs. thirty million


US small businesses.


Happy Birthday America!


As we celebrate our “E Pluribus Unim” and “In God We Trustheritage, as we pause to value the freedom that comes–as Thomas Jefferson said–at the price of eternal vigilance, we need also to take stock in the reality that for nearly three years, we the people have been trapped and sold up the river, by none other than our own President.

Mr. Obama has dishonored us, disowned us, and disengaged himself from the job he was elected to do, and –in the process– has triggered us into The Second Civil War, this one between big government and small business! 


Mr. Obama has disgraced and spit on the entire (30-million strong) universe of small business enterprises and on the entrepreneurial spirit that made America great to start with, the very spirit that allowed him to be elected in the first place . . . the very spirit he should be nurturing and rewarding with tax benefits for innovation and job creation.

Small business tax benefits for innovation and job creation remain the only viable key to economic recovery yet, at every turn, the White House arrogantly insists on doing the exact opposite.


Small business innovation and job creation tax benefits remain –after more than three years of harping on it in this blog– the only REAL solution to our still plummeting economy.

It is hard to imagine, when truck drivers and supermarket clerks and burger flippers and barbers and plumbers and roofers and accountants and doctors ALL see that this is true, how the White House can be so adamant.

By obsessively over-taxing and over-regulating small business

–AND by continually berating and discrediting the leadership of the Senate, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and our military–

Mr. Obama is simply demonstrating transference (ask any psychologist) of his own inadequacies and his own complete lack of leadership.


Being tangled up in one’s underwear is not the way to move forward.


As we celebrate this second most important day in America’s calendar — second only to the birth of Christ — let us pray in thankfulness for all that we have achieved as a nation, all that we in small business have achieved in industry and technology and humanity.

Let us be thankful too for our entrepreneurial global leadership and enlightenment (until and in spite of the current White House).


And let us also pray

. . . that we overcome The Obama Depression, that we survive and thrive once more, that we the 30 million of us join together in purpose on November 6, 2012, to turn the tide, and begin to restore our battered economy and rapidly eroding stature as leader of the free world. Use your business clout to make a difference. Start now




“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” 

[Thomas Jefferson] 

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Mar 26 2011


Let’s get real,




There’s not much room


left on this planet


for more anger!



We can moan and groan all we want –and justifiably– about the pathetic, ill-conceived, mismanaged, misdirected, arrogant, naive, incompetent, overbearing, scathingly stupid behaviors fostered by the White House since 2008. It adds up to total lack of leadership and complete lack of vision . . . a branding program of anti-reality.

But bitching gets us nowhere. Attacking people personally for their attitudes and behaviors makes us no more reasonable than they are, and doesn’t achieve anything beyond stirring up more anger.

Anger doesn’t work.


It’s not working in Libya, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Northern Ireland, or -today– not in London either. Certainly, it has never worked in the United States. It only serves to shorten fuses and make things worse.

Yes, we, as business owners and managers, have had enough. We are fed up with meaningless run-off-at-the-mouth oratory and reckless spending of our hard-earned tax dollars. We are fed up with attempts to have creeping socialism overpower democracy, our Constitution, and the free-enterprise system that built America.

Hope, Mr. Obama,

doesn’t work either.


It’s time for the federal government to back off and abandon its incessant attempts to smother small business. It is time instead to support the small business owner and startup entrepreneur world if there is ever to be a true economic recovery.

It is simply not true that America’s economy has turned the corner. Falsified unemployment numbers and make-believe claims that home sales are up and foreclosures are down couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Reality is that unemployment continues to worsen. Foreclosures continue to go up. Home sales continue to go down. And a rocket science degree isn’t required to size-up the impact on our daily lives; we need only to look at the gas pumps.

We are being lied to by government-controlled media stooges and greedy union thugs.

Yes we feel angry, but we are smarter than those who pose as leaders, and their contingent of talking heads. We know in our hearts that achievement and accomplishment will not be sidetracked if we maintain balance and control of the businesses we own and operate and birth. 

By working hard AND smart, by never forgetting that America is the product of entrepreneurial growth and our ever-guiding national motto:

“In God We Trust”

. . . by honoring and respecting all who we encounter, including the ignorant, we who own and manage small and family and home and garage businesses can lead America from the darkness of anger and fantasy.


It will take perseverance and it will take speaking up for what’s right instead of complaining about what’s wrong. Can we turn our anger into productivity? Are you willing to work harder at it?

What can you do to get started now, today?


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“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson]

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Dec 06 2009

Humbug on “Holidays”~~MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Politically Correct Crap


Has Gone Over The Top!


     It’s really time for small businesses to rebel.

     It’s time to show the corporate giants standing in line waiting for another surge of taxpayer dollar bailouts that their small-minded insistence on following small-minded government politicians (and even smaller-minded, major-media wimps) is wrong because Christmas is Christmas is Christmas. Period.

     It is what it is: a Christian celebration of the birth of Christ.

     It is NOT a generic convoluted cluster of “holidays.” It is NOT Hanukkah, Ramadan and 39 other special celebrations all thrown together in one big New York City melting pot. This is the CHRISTMAS Season!

     You’re not likely to toss all your meat. fish, vegetables, bread, and dessert into one big bowl and call it dinner, right? So why should anyone insist on combining all religious celebrations into one and calling Christmas and the Christmas Season “Holidays” as indistinguishable from the others?

     The answer: Big business and government and the media have become so superficially multi-cultural and culturally-diverse conscious (and more sensitive to unfounded anti-discrimination lawsuits than to the Christian religious ideals and annual celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus) that they are petrified at the idea of calling Christmas by its name for fear of offending those who provide handouts and political favors.

     It’s not just time to put Christ back in Christmas, it’s time to SAY “Merry Christmas!” without being afraid of offending someone. Anyone who IS offended by that is as ignorant, insensitive, misguided, and self-righteous as those who would have us take “In God We Trust” out of our nation’s pledges, proclamations, and currency.

     Bottom line: Stand up to those who try to make you feel guilty (or who are simply too dumb to know better) by wishing your customers and suppliers “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

     If those you do business with want to wish you Happy Hanukkah or whatever it is that one wishes for Ramadan, accept it and thank them and wish it back to them. But let’s not encourage any more “PC” thinking about something so sacred, and so much a part of American tradition … for even those who are NON-Christians!

     Be reminded that “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” carries with it implications of commitment to goodwill and to loving and respecting one another. Jews and responsible Muslims share that thinking. There’s no need to feel apologetic for wishing someone “Merry Christmas!” no matter what his or her religion. 

     I have had a great many Jewish friends (including quite a few who are orthodox) and never knew even one who took offense at being wished Merry Christmas. Most, in fact, have always replied in kind, or with a cheerful: “And Happy Hanukkah to you!” 

     Big business and politics have no place in dictating change in objects of religious respect, and need to butt out! Small business owners and managers can help make a difference by simply honoring the Christmas Season as they have since childhood in wishing one and all a “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” and by suggesting those employees who agree, to do the same. 

     It is the joyful spirit of what the message represents that counts.    

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