Nov 20 2012

My Special Thanksgiving Thanks . . .

I am thankful for my


 Kickstarter Backers!


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope it is a time of great rest, relaxation, reassessment and re-energizing for entrepreneurial leaders everywhere. Certainly, it is a time for family, friends, and appreciation . . . a time for prayer and caring and tolerance.  

Thanksgiving is for me personally —and most of all— a time for saying thank you to those who have locked arms with me through the two years of harsh realities and trauma that ended with Kathy’s death this past March.  

It is only because of that allegiance and outpouring of love and support for my personal and business survival that I have indeed survived. It is with full and deep appreciation for all that Kathy meant to me and the joy she brought to my life, that these friendships and offerings of time and help, and support (even food!) have prompted me to do what she urged of me consistently (but that I unwittingly resisted) over her last two years: to move on! 

AMAZON Kickstarter, as many of you know, has enabled me to step forward with the wonderful book manuscript –HIGH TIDE— that occupied thousands of hours of my spare time (and much of Kath’s) over the past twelve years. But Kickstarter is just a platform, a format.  

It took a concerted effort by a small army of close friends and family members to give me the faith and incentive and encouragement to bring that format to life… to move on. As it stands this minute:  it works!         

In the middle of my Kickstarter website, you’ll find a lengthy list of individuals who stayed with me through the long haul and who passed me the torch to light up HIGH TIDE

Many others, too many to list here, have eagerly jumped on the bandwagon to help. They know who they are. I will thank each publicly as soon as I can get through the Kickstarter project, regardless of outcome.  

I will simply say here and now that I am deeply grateful to each of you who have taken the time from your own busy lives to reach out and pull me a rung or two up the ladder and for bringing God’s blessings to my doorstep. Thank you. I love you all. And God Bless YOU.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I ask also that anyone reading this please be sure to remember all the families still suffering from Hurricane Sandy, and to send God’s blessings to them, as well as to all our young men and women serving in America’s armed forces and emergency services throughout the world. Pray to grant them all continued courage, resourcefulness, patience, forgiveness, and understanding.

# # #

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Nov 22 2011

A Family Break and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank YOU for visiting!


Like many of you, this is family week in the Alpiar household (starring, of course, our three spectacular grandchildren!), so I’ll be back on Monday, November 27th with a whole new series of DAILY upbeat, provocative posts geared to boosting your year-end and 2012 business and personal development.

Come back November 27th

You’ll get leading edge and first-hand proven insights . . . filled with motivation and how-to techniques for ratcheting your business interests up and out of America’s economic quagmire! 

You’ll learn about a special new strategic alliance guaranteed to help your business grow quicker–more economically–than it is right now!

In the meantime, please scroll any of the A-Z BIZ ALPHABET Series you may have missed, and –above all– put your favorite business and personal development keywords into the Search window at the right. You’ll get results-focused applications YOUR business can use now!

Have a most blessed and joyful Thanksgiving holiday and week. See you back here on the 27th! Best Regards – Hal


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Nov 24 2010

Thanksgiving Greetings!

Thank you! I am grateful


for you, for your time, your 


attention, your visits here,


 and your ongoing support!



Please join with me in adding the following to the grace you say at your family gathering Thursday:

… and special thanks for all those whose 

courage and vigilance allow us the freedom

to celebrate this great family day together”


And please click on the link below (and turn your volume up) to enjoy this terrific smile-making (G-Rated) video from Business Week that you can share with everyone (except perhaps devoted vegetarians!)    


Have a great Thanksgiving weekend! I’ll be back with some big-time small business observations Sunday night.

In the meantime, please take a cruise through the Archives (or by Search Window topic) here, and be sure to see the scoop on my latest new book, “GOOD LUCK!” by clicking under the  “Literary Agents” heading at the top of the right-hand column. See you Sunday!



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Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals! God Bless You,

 “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson] 

Make today a GREAT day for someone!

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Nov 25 2009

Gratefulness. Thanks. Appreciation.

Well, it’s here:  Thanksgiving,


and I just surpassed 500 posts! 


     Now you not may think much of either of these milestones, but suffice it to say about the first of them that I do love turkey (in spite of certain extremist political PETA types efforts to convince us of inhumane turkey treatment!), and I am looking forward to my plateful tomorrow.

     The 500 blog posts?  I think of it as being like a baseball player reaching 500 career errors (because I’ve learned something from every post and miscue!), and am looking forward to my next post (which THIS week only will be on Friday instead of Thanksgiving Thursday!).

     Actually, I never thought  I’d find anything as challenging and rewarding at the same time as writing a daily blog.  It’s challenging because I rarely know where the inspiration is going to come from ’til I’m staring at the blank screen like a post-surgical labotomy patient.

     The only sad part  is tangled up in the “rewarding” deal which unfortunately depends on visits and comments instead of dollars … but this is about to change: Big News Coming in January! 

     And the discipline involved?  I’d rather do push-ups.  The nightly time crunch and rapidly advancing bedtime with a take-out-the-dogs thing sandwiched in between doesn’t do much for my heart rate when all I’ve figured out is some dumb headline that I’ll inevitably scrap and redo anyway.

     I know, it’s “Welcome to the journalist’s world!”  God bless ‘em, I really admire the talented few writers who can pump out daily newspaper features that educate, inform and entertain . . . night after night… all 3 of ’em! [When did “reporting” get swallowed up by “opinionating”?] 

     Anyway, enough of me spamming your brain.  All I really want to say today is thank you. 

     My blog visitors have grown  from a weekly count-on-one-hand number nineteen months ago, to a consistent few thousand-and-growing-steadily every single night. [ HA! And you thought you were the only one dumb enough to be reading these?]  

     People tell me they laugh and they learn.  Who, really, could ask for more? 

     I am so grateful.  I appreciate every time you stop by and every new person you send along to visit . . . and every laugh.  YOU are my adrenaline. 


     Have a safe, peaceful and happy Thanksgiving  wherever you are. 

     Very special personal thank you’s  from me to Michael Infusino for your skillful, good-natured tech support … to Andrew Jackson for a wonderfully-growing strategic alliance.

     Thank you for all the wonderful unsolicited love — to my children: Haley, Christopher, and Melissa; — to my grandchildren: Talley, Dylan, and Gwyn; — to some very special relatives: Marian, Dorothy, Tim, Victoria, Harrison, Danielle, Timmy, Chris, and Rick; — and to my two dogs: Barnegat and Tuckerton.  All of you have made such a difference in my life; I am forever grateful for your support and respect. 

     Most of all, thank you Kathy, for sticking by me through thick and thin, and for always letting me stay glued to my keyboard without complaining when I know I should be doing chores.  You deliver fun and joy and love and caring to my life’s front door every day.  You give me purpose.  I love you!    

     Oh, and remember our troops out there, will you?  Their courage, sacrifices and vigilance make this special day and all the freedoms we enjoy possible. 

Thank YOU!  Hal    

# # #               

Input always welcome “Blog” in subject line or comment below. Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals! God Bless You! Make it a GREAT Day! Hal

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