Oct 14 2015

DAY 28 – 30 Days To The New Economy

Your Role In History As An Entrepreneur


Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY by Peggy Salvatorepc class

Over the last few weeks, we discussed the knowledge worker, the learning organization and human capital. All these concepts are built on this one essential tool which is the basic education and formalized training of yourself and your team.


“Real value” starts with solid foundational learning that begins almost at birth because there is so much to know, and we now finally know so much more about how we learn.

Real physical learningbeyond mother, father, sibling and caregiver learning— usually begins in preschool and is enhanced by formal elementary school or home school teaching of young children. By the time young teens enter high education, their paths are often clear.

In the U.S., as children grow into the teen years, the opportunities begin to splinter into specializations in the forms of publicly-funded magnet and alternative schools –and for those who can afford it, private schools– where education is usually more competitive and tracked toward certain university programs.

Some foundational learning can be had online but most still exists almost entirely in a physical setting or classroom building.

But, aha! Much university learning is moving more online which means that both the entrepreneur and his or her team may have specialized learning opportunities to be shared via a global online university.


Private, for-profit online universities often do not have the rigorous entry requirements of a physical university, but the coursework is comparable.

Ongoing adult learning is facilitated through the workplace, often supported by the workplace (or self-driven) using free, non-degree materials available through organizations online.

Nothing speaks more loudly about the way humans seek fulfillment and self-actualization than the proliferation of for-profit online universities, professionally sponsored educational forums and classes, and private businesses dedicated to providing educational products for personal and professional development.

Many private corporations (like the two examples cited below) have been paving the way in recent years with their own in-house proprietary universities:

  • In Delaware — parented by BURRIS LOGISTICS the leader in refrigerated trucking services, BURRIS UNIVERSITY — uses community college facilities near its headquarters to teach courses on personal and professional development (including communication and motivation skills) to regular gatherings of managers from BURRIS offices nationwide.
  • In New Jersey — 9-State commercial cleaning industry leader HEITS Building Services www.HEITS.com uses it’s own online HEITS UNIVERSITY curriculum to train and certify all employees in subjects like Eco-friendly customer care, bacterial health cleaning, regulation compliance cleaning and maintenance, and equipment and chemical safety . . . and to reinforce franchise owner coaching programs.


In a knowledge-based economy, workers are lifelong learners and achievers.


As an entrepreneur, you will be a lifelong learner absorbing massive amounts of information coming at you. Some of your education will be used just to give yourself and your organization the ability to sort and curate information coming at you in order to more effectively hone in on what’s relevant for driving your own business forward.

Take advantage of being an educated consumer of lifelong learning. That mindset allows you to intelligently filter and absorb the onslaught of information you need to be a true entrepreneurial leader, and to operate effectively in the New Economy.

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Nov 30 2010


Overkill business efforts breed failure . . .









The best creative marketing talent, plans, and campaigns — and the world’s greatest leaders — are born and inspired not by blood, sweat, tears, and insanely long hours, but by focus.


By adjusting the camera or rifle lens, the stage spotlights, the binoculars, the telescope, the magnifying glass, the microscope, and computerized zoom controls, we increase our visual focus for a moment, a few moments, maybe a few hours.

We do the same by adjusting volume, speaker, bass and treble, balance and other media controls to focus our hearing.

Ongoing mental focus, such as that which is evident in literally every leadership or creative marketing performance, is driven by adjusting and channeling powers of concentration.


It is not the product of (pay attention exam-cramming students!) working deliriously through the night, night after night.

Neither is it the product of entertaining others with razzmatazz and razzle-dazzle. (My father used to say, “Don’t give me a song and dance routine; just answer the question!” My father would have made a good Judge Judy.)

Most assuredly, great leadership and great marketing are not the results of political smoke and mirror acts that we see routinely practiced in virtually every local, state, and (especially) federal government-based and corporate giant-based entity in existence. 

Having a true focus means we can “see” and are aware of the actions and influences on the periphery of our focus targets, but that our minds are keenly tuned to the point of what we’re aiming for.


That demands concentration, but it is not necessarily “hard work.” It is what you choose it to be. And ease comes with practice.

Practice? Like what?

  • You’re in New York City? Go sit in the middle of Grand Central Station at rush hour and write a three-page essay about your own leadership challenges and abilities.
  • You’re in Delaware? Go sit in the middle of a 1,000-chicken chicken coop and read and digest and summarize two articles on industry issues that affect your business. (No ear plugs allowed. Oh, and I hope you like feathers!)
  • You’re in Chicago? 1) Get as close as you legally can to O’Hare Airport (Car windows open! Chilly, huh? Dress warm. Bring coffee.) 2) Read and answer three days’ worth of emails on your plugged-in laptop.
  • You’re in San Francisco? (What are you doing there?) Hop on the trolley to Fisherman’s Wharf at lunchtime and –while on the trolley– write (yes, with pen and paper) your own obituary (Now THAT’s an exercise that takes concentration!)
  • You’re in Hawaii? Well, we all know about those cliffs over the ocean, and waterfalls, and . . . okay, you’re not reading this anyway. Aloha to you too!  

You get the idea. Challenge yourself (and remember to breathe)


Here’s the bottom line: Wherever you are, if you’re serious about wanting to radically improve your leadership and creative marketing skills, spend more energy learning how to concentrate and focus.


Uh, you DO remember The Karate Kid movies? Well, pay more attention to yourself and stop trying so hard. Working yourself into a frenzy with busyness that you think impresses others, doesn’t. All it does is blockade others by making you inaccessible to them.

If you’re actually trying to be inaccessible, you are not leader material, you will never be a creative marketing star, and you are probably best suited to run for political office or work in some government or corporate-giant dungeon for thirty years.

Hey, it’s your life! (And odds are pretty good that it will only happen once!) Do you really want to make a difference?



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Jun 28 2010

Does Your Business Stack Up?

Tonight’s blog post is dedicated to my friend Ernst Dannemann who died yesterday as he approached his 89th birthday.

I have been fully absorbed in writing Ernst’s memoir for the past year, and finished the text just a couple of weeks ago. A truly remarkable man I admire and respect, Ernst arrived –out from under Hitler– in NY Harbor at age 15 (with minimal English), graduated high school and signed into the Army in response to Pearl Harbor, became a decorated soldier and a U.S. Citizen, courted a Holocaust survivor for 60 days and ended up married to her for 60 years, started as a chicken farmer and built a highly successful 6-state retail fabric chain.

Ernst worked his way up to be trusted advisor to 6 governors, close friend to a U.S. President and contenders, and a U.S. Vice President and contenders, as well as many nationally prominent senators and congressional leaders.

For his volunteer work and his Brotherhood Award from The National Conference of Christians and Jews, Ernst won the highest honor given to a civilian in the State of Delaware. Many will miss him dearly. He was a true gentleman as well as a great father, grandfather and great grandfather in every sense of these words and titles. . . and, I believe, Ernst, though never a Scout, could have easily been the poster boy for the 12 principles embodied in the “Boy Scout Law”:


A Scout is trustworthy, 


loyal, helpful,


friendly, courteous, 


kind, obedient, 


cheerful, thrifty,


brave, clean, and




     Okay, so put aside everything you know for a minute and evaluate your business performance as it measures up against what we should have learned as Boy Scouts (or, sorry, Girl Scouts, but I don’t know their “Law”). Can you 1-10-rate yourself and your business performance against each of these twelve points and come away with a hundred points?

     Can you figure out your strengths and weaknesses in matching or not matching each of these qualities. Does your customer service mission sound anything like this? Do you have employee policies, written or simply understood, that come anywhere close to the elevated level of these twelve behavioral traits?

     Where are you short? How can you bolster that up? What steps can you take tomorrow morning to boost even one of these and make it a shining star for your business? What’s preventing that? Is it attitude? Is it what others think? Is it too hard or time-consuming? Is it just something you feel you’re stuck with? Are you remembering that behavior is a choice?

     Are you remembering that you can choose to make these values ring throughout your business everyday and that all you have to do is decide to do it and keep deciding to do it, over and over? Hmmm? Imagine. Imagine what else we can learn from our youth that can work for our business growth now? Maybe it’s worth visiting a local troop meeting to learn some leadership skills long forgotten? 

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Jun 14 2010


The more you




the more business


you lose!


     Customers, employees, suppliers, investors, referrers, service people . . . your trade, profession, industry, community, neighborhood, and environment, your family. Your SELF! These are your bread-and-butter individuals, groups, attributes, supporters, and biggest fans.  

     They alone determine if your business  sinks or swims. They will not stand around any longer these days (compared to past patience practices) waiting for your other shoe to drop. If you don’t feel you can be respectful and genuine in all of your dealings with others every day of the week, take a government job! (You’ll thrive there!)

     But if making your business work is what’s really important to you, if your associations, integrity, accomplishments, and reputation all play important roles, if your family is the end of your rainbow, you need to make sure that your business is not over-indulging in brute-force power play struggles with those who support your business and life interests . . . or even with competitors.

    Power plays may work in sports, but they don’t have a place in business or family life. The harder you push others or the marketplace, the greater the odds that you’ll be breeding porcupines. No one likes being in a corner. Hard-nosed billing policies and collection tactics that leave no room for reality will agitate a great many quill-throwers.

     A major propane gas company in Delaware makes a practice of tip-toe backyard visits, to slap padlocks on gas pipe feeders when they think they haven’t been paid on time. They don’t bother to tell families that wake up to no heat or hot water that there is no grace period for late payments, and they don’t even have the courtesy to inform them of the shutoff.

     The company is often wrong. But, when they are, they simply send someone back out to unlock the lock when they discover their error. That’s it. No apology. No anything. After all, they’re practically a monopoly. And they’ve already legalized deals that require changeovers to other suppliers carry forced removal expenses for existing underground storage that they struck deals with long-gone developers on years ago. Why should they care? 

     Because customers talk. And many are in the process of finding alternative power sources, even with storage tank removal expenses. And one day, down the road a piece, they’re going to find out the hard way that this is not how reputable people and companies do business . . . that power plays don’t work.

     Acting unnecessarily tough with employee benefit cutback explanations or time-off requests can make you a bad guy overnight. People (especially people who feel disenfranchised) talk. Words you may think you tossed off innocently can come back to haunt you quicker than you can even remember saying them. Sound familiar? You may want to step back long enough to reassess your present policies and re-set your meter (before it runs out!).

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Jan 21 2010

Small Business Business Is Big Business

Marketing your business outside


your small business market can


bring you BIG business returns!


     Before you stick your nose up at the idea of marketing your small business outside your business market, sit back, absorb, and be willing to be surprised! In fact, I’m willing to bet that I’ll stop your mouse in mid-air within the next 3 sentences.

     Before you offer one of those 37 pet excuses why it doesn’t work, won’t work, can’t work, costs too much, makes no sense, is fantasy, and just ain’t worth the time or trouble — before you start in, let me tell you that you need to open your mind and re-visit the idea. Because it works! [That’s 2 sentences; 1 more to go; this bracketed stuff doesn’t count.]

     It can work for you and your business and (AHEM!) it’s free! Ah, there it is. The magic word that suckers every small business owner/ manager/partner/entrepreneur. Did it stop your runaway mouse?

     Okay, here we go…Let’s say you own a small appliance repair service business in Gumboro, Delaware, and you think it’s ridiculous to promote what you do to people who live in San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, Denmark, or Djibouti, right? (Sorry about getting stuck on D’s, and Djibouti? Who knows?)

     Well, you might have been right a few years ago, but with today’s smaller, quicker world, there’s really “no tellin'” where your next sale is coming from. Someone who sees mention of a small appliance business in her cousin’s hometown is likely to mention it in a next phone call or email. If you believe sales could be from anywhere, then sales could be from anywhere. Check out this little story:

A restaurateur friend of mine in California, knowing I went to college in New Rochelle, New York, recently raved to me in an email about a unique “no-menu” restaurant located in New Rochelle after having just seen it mentioned on Twitter, and then checked its website.

I’m a couple of states away now, but my brother’s insurance business is in Larchmont, New York, next to New Rochelle. When I called to wish him Happy New Year, I asked his wife about the restaurant. They knew the place, she said, but had shied away because they heard it had no menu. But my mention of the email I got piqued her interest and she said they would try it this week.

  • Total cost to the restaurant:    ZERO
  • Total value to the restaurant: PRICELESS (My brother’s a big eater AND a big tipper!) 

     There are thousands more stories like this for all kinds of small businesses that choose to not limit their marketing because making excuses and staying stuck in a time warp is easier to deal with than having to develop new promotional, publicity and marketing strategies.

     I’m not suggesting you suddenly abandon your steady customer base, or that you plunk down barrels full of cash to sponsor American Idol.

     I AM suggesting that small businesses need to put aside past thinking limitations and step up to global promotional efforts, especially when they’re available for free, 24/7, exercise a little imagination, and go at it persistently.

“Tell your LA & NYC friends they can get LA & NYC music composed & recorded in Ohio…better & cheaper @ http://bit.ly/7LzLES” is all it might take, for example, as a Twitter post (and a dozen characters left over, no less!) or post some variation a few times a day. Or on Facebook, or with a video and soundtrack sampler on YouTube.

     Got the idea? Go get the business? It may take longer than you like to get the “buzz” going, but it’s hard to beat the cost.      


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Jul 19 2009




Defragment and


give your SELF a


stimulus package!


     There’s plenty of unused storage space in your mind, believe me. Even if it’s just a little teeny bit true that Einstein supposedly only used about 10% of his total brain capacity, where does that leave the rest of us? I mean, give that about 27 or 28 seconds of think time right now.

     Think about all that extra (empty?) space in your brain that’s available to put to work. Leave it plugged in tonight and just click on accessories> defragment. By the morning, VOILA! You’ll be ready for anything.

     Maybe we should sort out who’s working where first. That way, when you’re all freshly defragmented, you’ll be in a position to make more of what you’ve got, or jump into something different.

     If you work for a big company, raise your hand and leave the room. If you work for someone else in a small company or you work for an organization of some type, or you’re in school learning how to work for somebody else…or you don’t work (Wow! What’s thatlike?), you’re probably not reading any of this anyway because you’re too busy surfing FaceBook.

This now leaves us with the heart of the businessworld: YOU!

    You run and/or own and/or manage a business,

OR you are self-employed.

     Oh, there’s that nasty hyphenated word again: self-employed. This simply means that you run AND own AND manage a business. I love you for that…but don’t get yourself worked up over my affection because what do I know?

     Federal and state government leaders don’t think you count.

     Obviously they haven’t a clue about how Apple and Microsoft got started in garages by self-employed geniuses. Anyway, don’t hold your breath waiting for some kind of  stimulus package since “self-employed” doesn’t count as a small business in government circles.

     I saw a handful of governor-conference-attending governors on CSPAN last night, including I am sorry to say, Delaware Governor Jack Markell who clearly doesn’t get it…who thinks his small business job creation plan to help established small businesses get bigger is going to have big economic impact.

     Sorry Jack. You need to get real, and talk with (LISTEN TO) some of Delaware’s thousands of self-employed small businesses –the ones that are NOT established, that are struggling to get established to see what they need to get up to 3 or 4 or 11 or 25 employees…and TIP: it’s not more loans!

     Making stimulus package room for startups and struggling self-employed is like making disk space by defragmenting. Clear out the junk, the spam, the space-wasters.

     You see what I’m saying here about brain capacity?  Defragmenting cleans up your harddrive. The same concept will clean up your brain, and help you focus on how to be more productive with your time and energy.

     You can be sure of not getting government support, so what can you be sure of? Your SELF! And how do you make that start to work for you? The same ways that Messrs. Jobs and Gates made their one-man-band garage ventures start to work for them.

     They made the choice. They worked hard at their ideas. They didn’t give up when things looked bleak. They didn’t worry about stimulus packages. They put their heads down and charged. You can do that too! Start tomorrow morning…after you defragment tonight!     

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