Dec 19 2009


Yes, but are you happy?


     Survey findings based on 2009 data collected from 1.3 million Americans (by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report — state-by-state, plus D.C. — identify where the happiest people live.


#1 – #6: Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, South Carolina.


#46 – #51: California, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan, Connecticut, New York. 

     If you can’t stand waiting ’til the end of this post to find out where your state stands, I’ll give you the whole scoop right here, right now, but you have to promise to return after you find out whether you’re supposed to be happy or not, so you can get some free happiness guidance! Here. Do it!  . . . and when you’re done, ‘Mon Back!

     Welcome back! So are you happy now? Or did that little side trip just make things worse for you? Well, the survey findings are probably a useful thing for helping to target your sales message geographically.

    I mean you could probably send some angry messages into Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii, for example, and get back a lot of knowing smiles with piles of sales dollars. But you may not want to be so cavalier when you’re aiming at those sad souls in New York, Connecticut and Michigan.

     Hey, truth is that no matter who says what you’re supposed to be experiencing, happiness — like any other behavior — is a choice! Consciously or unconsciously, each of us choose our behaviors every minute of every day! And, like success, happiness is the journey, not the destination.

     Of course some states with more sunshine might do a better job of hosting the journey, or setting the table for our choices, but nothing and no one outside your mind creates or causes happiness or unhappiness. And where you live has very little to do with it. 

     Surely you know there’s truth to the old expression that “Misery Loves Company.” But, btw, so does “Happiness” and you need only look at faces around you at one of your upcoming parties to underscore that reality.

     The only gift greater than happiness is sharing happiness. Try it. You’ll like it.


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Aug 01 2009

Lighten Up Management Trainers!

It’s the Lightening Up


of Corporate America!


     You’re a management trainer and corporate economic climates have taken the wind out of your sails. You’re looking around for community college adult education courses to run. You’re doing drips and drabs of HR consulting with some old friends. Times are tighter than your shoelaces. 

     Stop beating yourself up; stop doing all the things you’ve always advised and taught others to not do. Take some of those deep breaths you advocate. The message is this: L-I-G-H-T-E-N    U-P ! Lighten up the programs you’re proposing. Companies do not want any in-depth, heavy-duty, psycho-analytic training programs for their managers right now!

     They want L-I-G-H-T agendas combined with good relaxing fun and team-building. Corporate America may be stupid about growing business and productivity ratios and revenue streams and job creation, but they know when it’s time to lighten up the stress that their loyal managers have been shouldering. 

     And it’s time now.

     I had my own management training company for many years. I ran over 2,000 workshops and training programs, and had over 20,000 participants in 50 different cities and half a dozen different countries.

     It was everything from Maslow’s Hierarchy to Quality Circles, One-Minute Manager, TA, Theory X, TheoryY, Theory Z, Empowerment, Assertiveness Training, Anger Management, and my own inventions: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Doctorpreneurs and Teacherpreneurs.  

     Then is not now. Then corporate executives charged trainers with the responsibility to teach them how to be better, more effective, more efficient, more productive executives and how to be better humans. This took some doing, and tons of analytical diagnostics and psychotherapy.

     Today, the word is L I G H T. As in S I M P L E and having F U N while gaining firsthand leadership and teamwork experiences with fellow employees. A best buddy of mine, Kevin Bousquet, who runs Interlaken Inn Executive Resort & Conference Center in Northwest Connecticut, agrees.

     You may have seen my plugs here for Interlaken. It truly is THE premier business escape (2 hours/NYC and 3 hours/BOS) with the finest location, facility, amenities, meals, service AND budget-conscious prices that any management trainer or meeting planner will find. (If you call, tell Kristy I sent you and get a special gift!)

     Kevin tells me that the programs that are having the most success are those with the least stress and the most fun. Not all fun and games, but fun and learning. Interlaken’s Executive Ropes Course, lakefront boating and golf options and gourmet challenge programs are the busiest and most talked-about. Dump the heavy stuff!

Think of it as the Lightening Up of Corporate America!  

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