Jun 24 2010

WRITING for business results.

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     Making a sale and marketing a business requires having and using great words. Results-driven words. And just in case someone may have led you to believe otherwise, great “results-driven” words don’t fall from the sky, or march single-file out of some closet an hour or two (or even overnight, as some misguided car dealers believe) after brewing, steeping, or incubation.

     Great results-driven words are only born of great word craftsmanship.

     Do you think someone at General Electric locked her or him self in a sealed room with a jug of Red Bull and couple of pastrami sandwiches, only to fling open the door after half a day and burst forth into the waiting throngs of anxiously pacing top executives, and proclaim: “Aha! I’ve got it! Listen to this:

GE…Progress Is Our Most Important Product!”

     Well, do you? Right.

     And so next, the CEO no doubt stepped forward and said:

“Yeah, terrific! Now get back in your little dungeon. And while you’re there, why don’t you work up a follow-up line like “GE…We Bring Good Things To Life” — okay? And, by the way, hustle it up will you; we need this stuff for a commercial we’re filming in another hour. Uh, how’s your Bull and pastrami holding out? Got enough mustard?”

     Sure. It’s that simple. Of course, you will need the concentrated caffeine drink and concentrated salt-processed meat just in case you get stuck on a word. Hmmm. Maybe the slogan should be more like, “Innovative New Technology Is The Best Thing We Produce.”? Nah! That doesn’t really cut the pastrami mustard, does it? Or maybe, “GE…We Give Your Things A Charge!“? You get the idea.

     Though many of us would like to believe that the wordsmithing process is quick, simple, and so pain free that our good-for-nothing, 40-something brother-in-law could do the task with his hands tied behind his back because he watches 12 hours of TV a day and — by now — must be able to crank out great winning slogan and jingles faster than the Energizer Bunny on Viagra.

     Unfortunately for tightwad impatient bosses, none of this happens like squirting lighter fluid on burning charcoal. Neither is it something that’s methodically built on reams (flashdrives) full of research. But be-cause all of us watch TV, read ads and surf the Web, we think it’s no big deal to write magic marketing words.

     That, however, is like hanging around a gym for 20 years, watching, and then deciding you can use what you’ve observed to bench press 200 pounds. Good luck! You may want to have a cardiologist and chiropractor on your speed dial.

     Writing (and the magic ingredient: RE-writing) takes skill, and is best left to those who do it for a living. If you’re looking for some writing insurance, find a writer with in-depth business experience. 

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Mar 04 2010


Hold your nose


and dunk under


 the wave . . . or 


 ride it to shore!


     Surfers (not the TV channel kind!) are actually smarter than they look. They know enough to take a deep breath and either dunk under a wave to get out of the way, or stand up and ride it onto the beach. When your business cash flow is outbound, it’s time to make that same decision.

     If you choose to dunk under — like leave town, change your name, and disappear into some cave or head for the islands (until your butt’s hauled back to jail) — go for it! But prepare (at least) for a stiff neck from looking back over your shoulder 16 hours a day … maybe work for a chiropractor?

     My guess is that when payables tip the receivables scale into the stratosphere, most of us will opt for survival instead of surrender. Certa Bonum Certamen say the Latins (“Fight The Good Fight”) and giving our businesses CPR is certainly preferable to filing Chapter 11. Rule of thumb: One first aider beats a full house of lawyers.

     Okay, so where to start? Make the unpleasant calls to creditors; beg for mercy; give them (and stick to) payback plans. Stay in communication with them no matter how awkward, uncomfortable or embarrassing it feels. DO NOT borrow money to pay back loans; it will catch up with you.

     Consider reputable debt consolidation services. Fill in staff-cutback areas with interns. It’s true a recent President kind of ruined that idea, but truth is that if you’re willing to provide the proper guidance and leadership, you can literally build an empire on the enthusiasm and energy of young interns.

     The best source of interns (and usually a structured program that keeps students focused and offers employers recourse) will come from your nearest community college, though some major universities have established highly successful internship (often called “cooperative education”) programs.

     Interns will occasionally work for free, sometimes for commission or bonus arrangements, and often for minimum wage or less. They require ongoing supervision. You may have to fill out evaluation forms and meet with a faculty or administrative advisor once a semester. That’s it. If this is something you want to make work, make it work.

     If you’re a one-man-band, ask family members for hours in exchange for breakfasts or dinners out, or periodic sports or concert tickets … i-tune cards? Be creative.

     One boss I know who’s struggling to get his business back on its feet reports getting productive work hours from his cousin’s teenage son in exchange for covering periodontal work (teeth braces) not covered by insurance. He gets six months of work from another relative in exchange for new tires on two family cars.

     Be creative. Make it work. Ride it to shore!

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Jan 12 2010

DELAY is for lawyers, not entrepreneurs!

“Even if you’re on the right track,


you’ll get run over


if you just sit there.”


     Well, isn’t that nice? We just lost all the lawyers who regularly visit this site (probably at least 3!) when they saw that this was going to be an encouragement-to-act presentation.

     Lawyers are, after all, heavily invested in maintaining the status quo, in creating and fostering delay. Trying to get an attorney to read about the need to take action steps is like trying to get a chiropractor with back pain to visit an orthopaedic surgeon (or vice versa!).

     Will Rogers was the right voice for entrepreneurs. Nothing speaks louder than action. And odds are almost universally that when in doubt, some action is always better than no action. The important thing is to stay flexible as you act… whether it’s on the football field, the factory floor, your website or in the middle of a customer sales pitch.

     Taking action — as in business decision making, customer service, sales pipeline pursuits, marketing, value-adding to products and services, opening new revenue channels, strategic planning, stimulating productivity. and designing innovative management approaches — is the true mark of leadership.

     Nothing is gained in business by waiting. Not any more. Not in today’s lightning-paced world of communication, not in this economy.

     Does moving forward before you have all the information you think you need, make you feel nervous and prompt you to worry about outcomes? Okay, truth: You are not alone (A) and as Henry David Thoreau once said, “All we ever have is limited knowledge” (B), so use what you know to determine and update and act.

     Short of a life or death decision (which, thankfully, not many of us are called on to make very often), if your action turns out to be wrong: Stop the train at the next station. Get down onto the platform. Brush yourself off. Collect feedback. Listen. Get your bearings. Get onto the next train. Just keep moving.   

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May 16 2009


Gonna Chunk It? Then Chew It!


     If your current state of existence fits the last (“Discombobulated?”) post, and you’ve decided to try managing your time in chunks instead of clock ticks, be aware that you can’t just wolf down the chunks like my Golden Retriever. She rarely bothers to chew when she’s excited.

     You however are not a dog. At least, I must assume that you’re not. But just in case you ARE some blog-reading canine phenom, please call me immediately; we’ll make lots of money together. So the bottom line is that your digestive system simply doesn’t work well with chunks.

     Still with me here?We’re talking time management. Chunks. Chunking up time and activities is better than nonstop eating of the same (physical, mental, or emotional) food for eight hours a day. After all, even casino dealers work 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

     The guys who clean out the winery vats are basically AA candidates after just 15 minutes of vintage fermentation fumes (although that’s not such a bad way to go) and have to take mandated breaks.

     Imagine for a minute if the chiropractoradjusted every single bone in your body all in one visit. You’d be like Gumby. It’d take you a week simply to get off the table. Ah, then there’s the dentist and doing all the fillings and extractions and crowns and all the other rotten stuff dentists do all at one time. Whew! That one hurts even to think about.

     Start by breaking up your daily “To Do” list…little pieces work better (like outline the Narrative section of the business plan,” which could take a couple of hours). Little pieces are more attainable, and achieving each will motivate you a whole lot more than having “Write Business Plan” on your list, which could take months.

     In other words, after chunking, chew. After chewing, digest. Your body wasn’t made to take a pounding 16 waking hours a day. Neither was your mind, nor your emotions. The more you push and force yourself, the longer you’ll take to complete each task, and the more likely you will be to screw up each task, not to mention the indigestion, heartburn, and ulcers that you’ll be cultivating. 

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